About Me

Bridget in a V neck sweater.

Hi, I'm Bridget! I'm a interdisciplinary problem solver with a background in social psychology and human-computer interaction. I'm fascinated by the ways people interact, and how technology fits into these relationships. I believe in responsible design, and hope to create products that improve the well-being of individuals and communities. ​

Currently, I'm a first-year master's student in the HCI program at UCSC, where I'm examining how to create human-centric, ethical technologies. I'm also a member of the ALT Games Lab at UCSC!​ Previously, I was a Product Researcher studying member experience at Tech Fleet Professional Association, a 501(c)3 pending nonprofit focused on creating equitable access to tech careers.

I hold a BS degree in Psychology from Northeastern University, with minors in Behavioral Neuroscience and Biology. Outside of work and school, you'll likely find me people-watching at a cafe or enjoying a movie. I also enjoy reading, baking, and Pilates.