Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Bridget, a UX researcher and Master’s student at UCSC studying Human-Computer Interaction. 

I have professional and academic experience with research, and I’m a self-taught designer. While I specialize in UX research, I am also a generalist, having worked in all parts of the design process from generative research to final product implementation.

With a background in psychology, I’m driven by my curiosity in understanding the ways people interact and love exploring how technology fits into our relationships. I believe in technology that anticipates needs that haven’t been articulated yet and adds value to our lives. 

Outside of Work

When I'm not conducting research or designing, I love to bake, crochet, and read. I’m currently reading The Trespasser by Tana French and Orange World and Other Stories by Karen Russell. If you have any book recommendations, please reach out!

Academic Research

The Effect of Gratitude on Interpersonal Trust (2022)
Download File

A Pilot Study on People's Views of Gratitude Practices and Reactions to Expressing Gratitude in an Online Community (Poster, CSCW 2023)Download File

A Macro-Analysis of Entertainment and Serious Board Games from 1962 – 2022 (2023)
[In Progress]